All the Thanksgiving Recipes (2022)

It’s been a while since I rounded these up for easy access. I can see on the backend of the site that this is what folks are looking for, so I thought I’d make it easy for you! I hope that your Thanksgiving is full of loved ones, gratitude and thoughtful reflection.

I’ve specified which recipes are gluten-free (most) and vegetarian, vegan and dairy free (many). There is a photo gallery for each catagory, followed by a list with hyperlinks to posts with recipes. This is a more curated version of this post than I’ve done in the past. I’ve only included my top recomendations!

Impressive Vegetarian Entrees

Impressive Vegan Entrees

Roasted Birds (other than Turkey)

I love turkey, but when I make a turkey these days I follow the Judy Bird Method, and so should you! If you don’t want to make a turkey read on…

Biscuits, Stuffing and Breads

Vegetable Sides & Salads

Vegetable Sides & Salads (dairy-free)


Desserts (Dairy Free)

Gravies, Pickles and Condiments


Things to do with leftover meat

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Glenda says:

    Wow! Thanks, Erin. So handy to have the holiday recipes all rounded up. ❤️

  2. roa says:

    Erin, Can the mushroom cobbler be made one day and served the next? It sounds fabulous.Thanks, Ron

    1. Hi! I usually make the filling a day or even two days ahead. I take it out of the fridge to bring it to room temperature while my turkey is finishing cooking. Then I throw the biscuit topping together (it’s quick) and put it in the oven as soon as the turkey comes out (while the turkey rests). It all times out well! Sometimes there are other thngs being reheated with the mushroom cobbler while the biscuit topping is baking. You can make it totally in advance and reheat it, but the biscuit topping isn’t as good the second day.

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