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19 Comments Add yours

  1. Starla says:

    I need 2 recipes for a gluten free 3 tier wedding cake, one that is chocolate and one just a white. I have 2 weddings for 2 family members, that have to have gluten free cakes. Could you please tell me how to adjust this recipe for chocolate and white. Thank you

    1. Hello Starla,

      You can adjust the lemon ginger wedding cake recipe to make chocolate and white cakes.
      The basic recipe is here…

      To make white cake, just leave out the lemon extract, grated lemon rind and ground ginger. You should add or increase the vanilla extract (almond extract might be nice too). Some sort of extract is important to mask the slight bean flavour from the garbanzo-fava flour.

      I have never made this particular cake with chocolate but I am certain that you could add cocoa powder and some grated chocolate to the batter with excellent effect. Again, you will want to include vanilla an or almond extract. I would make a single batch (the top tier of the cake) as a test first.

      Good luck!


  2. petitbouree says:

    Even if you publish this in a book I would still buy it! 🙂

    1. Thank you! That is very encouraging!

      1. petitbouree says:

        Any plans to?! Do let me know… Erin, this is Sangeeta (from India) btw…:)

        1. Hi Sangeeta!

          Nice to know that you are looking in me! I will keep you in the loop my dear!


  3. What a great selection of recipes! Will definitely have to give some a whirl sometime!

  4. Tanya Berry says:

    HI Erin – how are you? I’m hosting my book club this week and need a gluten free menu. I flatter myself that I’m a good cook, but am well aware that I’m TERRIBLE at desserts (mostly because I don’t really eat them – I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, but love the salty stuff!). At Christmas I tried to make a fine cooking recipe that was labelled as easy and it was an unqualified mess. So, any suggestions for an easy gluten free dessert (no tart shells – eek! those terrify me)? I was eyeing the rice pudding, for example.

    Thanks! Tanya 🙂

    1. Hi Tanya! I think the simplest gluten-free dessert is a hazelnut and buckwheat financier with some fresh fruit 9or fruit compote and whipped cream. It doesn’t require a bunch of weird ingredients and is pretty fool proof. You do end up with a bunch of leftover egg yolks though since the cake only uses egg whites. I use egg yolks to make mayonnaise and safe my egg whites in the fridge until I have enough make a cake (they keep well).

      1. Tanya,
        Two more ideasStrawberries dipped in sour cream, grand marnier and brown sugar requires no cooking…but also requires good strawberries which are not available at this time of year.

        THE simplest gluten free dessert is a fruit crumble. Take a look at the blackberry, apple, plum crumble. You can make it with fresh apples and frozen blackberries at this time of year. I’d skip the plums (use more apples in their place). That one is a crowd pleaser and really is as simple as can be.


  5. Tanya Berry says:

    Thanks Erin – I have managed crumble in the past 🙂 I’ll keep the strawberries in mind for the summer – we have a lovely little strawberry patch.

    On the cooking side – I do make mayonnaise, so don’t mind having leftover egg yolks around – and I’d like to figure out if I can make my own Japanese mayonnaise. My life was not complete before I was introduced to Japanese mayonnaise. Maybe I’ll get really dessert crazy and make two (a crumble AND the financier). I like the sound of financier, it will make me feel like I’m making something extra fancy 🙂


    1. Tanya, you can totally handle the financier. It’s one of those magical cakes that requires very little effort and yields an elegant result. It you like the buckwheat one, there are a whole bunch of other financier recipes with different kinds of nut flours and flavorings on the blog!

  6. Tanya Berry says:

    Oh my…. I think the financier has converted me to be a dessert person! It’s delicious. David and I might eat it all before my book club friends come, and I’ll have to make another one. Thanks for the suggestion. I’m going to serve it with roasted brandied pears – one should make things rich when making a financier 🙂

    1. Hooray! And send me the recipe for roasted brandied pears please!

      1. Tanya Berry says:

        I got it off the food network:

        D&I tried it all last night and it was a nice combination. Cheers, T. and thanks again!

  7. mistimaan says:

    Loved the recipes

  8. KMJR says:

    Hi there! Found your blog scrolling through comments at Smitten Kitchen….you left a comment on the Apple Sharlotka recipe, ( ) & mentioned that you have a recipe for a GF version. I looked through your index but didn’t see that specific thing…Would you be so kind as to point me in the right direction? Many thanks in advance!
    p.s. all the GF recipes!!! WOW! I’ll be back soon to take a closer look at them.

    1. Hello and welcome! Yes! My grandmother was Estonian and made something similar, which I have since endeavored to make gluten-free. I have two recipes that you should take a look at. One is called Goddess Apple Cake with a Meringue Topping. That one is fancier than what my grandmother made but it’s very, very good. The other is a post called In Search of Magical Estonian Apple Cake. There are three recipes in that post and the third one was the most like a Sharlotka.

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