Chickpea Battered Cod with Crispy Potatoes & Carrot Chutney

There are three recipes here- Pan Fried Chickpea Battered Fish with Indian Spices, Crispy Baked Potato Wedges and a Sweet and Hot Carrot Chutney. They are each excellent and worth making on their own if you don’t want to put it all together the same way I did.

Vegan Caviar & Shiso Appetizer

I am so proud of how this looks and tastes. It features a very delicious black vegan caviar and shiso leaf. It would be a very special dish to serve for a romantic dinner or small fancy dinner party. I’ve also included variations that are simpler to plate.


Next up in the project of posting simple things that I cook often, is my version of Puttanesca Sauce. Puttanesca sauce is a tomato sauce for pasta flavored with whatever umami bombs you might have in your pantry. So, traditionally that would be anchovies, capers, olives, garlic and chilis. I do not keep olives on hand, so my version does not have olives. My version has fish sauce becasue I make a lot of Asian food.

Extra Vegetable Pad Thai

This is a very good way to pack a bunch of vegetables into your dinner. It also takes less than a half hour to make!

How to Eat a Magical Bird’s Nest

I made this salad for the Air Course of the The Garden of Alchemy Dinner. It would also be a auspicious dish and useful spell to perform for the ringing in of the new year!

Garden of Alchemy Dinner

In late October I had the pleasure of cooking a five course meal for The Garden of Alchemy, created by The Muses, a collective of women who curate stunning and inspiring gatherings and excursions. I was asked to create a menu in which each course was inspired by the alchemical qualities of one of the four elements. The final course was a dessert. I set about imagining and testing dishes that evoked Water, Air, Fire and Earth and used the alchemical properties of that element in their preparation.

Charred Harvest Vegetables with Spicy Romesco Sauce

At the end of October, I cooked at five course dinner for 12 women who attended the Garden of Alchemy event created by The Muses. Each course of the dinner evoked an element (water, air, fire, earth). I will be sharing the entire menu and photos from the event soon! For the fire course, I…

Confit Carrots

This is a useful recipe to make carrots into something that you can serve as part of a fancy menu or just have on hand for quick meals and snacks.

Spinach and Chickpea Curry in Yogurt Sauce

It’s allergy season.  It’s also all the seasons every day.  Everyday I spend part of the day freezing and part of the day sticky and hot….or I spend all day carrying around my entire wardrobe.  It’s also the season of being overcommitted.   I’m working every day from about 8am until 10pm for the next…

Fish Braised in Tomato and Simple Homemade Thai Curry Paste

It’s time to make this dish.  There are so many ripe tomatoes today, but they will be gone before we know it.  Make this dish with all of the tomatoes that you have purchased in a moment of tomato hoarding, or that have arrived in your farmshare.  Make this dish before your tomato stockpile starts…