An Edible Forest Floor/ Pickled Mushrooms, Parsley Moss and Walnut Soil

I made an edible forest floor for the Earth course of the Garden of Alchemy Dinner in late October. Each course of the dinner was inspired and evoked by one of the alchemical elements (Water, Air, Fire, Earth). The Pickled Mushrooms, Parsley Moss and Walnut Soil that I’m sharing here were just a few of the elements on the plate for the Earth Course.

How to Eat a Magical Bird’s Nest

I made this salad for the Air Course of the The Garden of Alchemy Dinner. It would also be a auspicious dish and useful spell to perform for the ringing in of the new year!

Charred Harvest Vegetables with Spicy Romesco Sauce

At the end of October, I cooked at five course dinner for 12 women who attended the Garden of Alchemy event created by The Muses. Each course of the dinner evoked an element (water, air, fire, earth). I will be sharing the entire menu and photos from the event soon! For the fire course, I…

Confit Carrots

This is a useful recipe to make carrots into something that you can serve as part of a fancy menu or just have on hand for quick meals and snacks.

Crispy Grilled Cheese with Broccoli and Wasabi

I just made something for lunch that was so good that I am sitting down to write about it immediately, even though I do not have time to write food blog posts right now. If I did have time to write this food blog right now, there are a dozen other, already half finished posts…

Wild Mushroom Cobbler (Gluten-Free)

I’ve made Wild Mushroom Cobbler every Thanksgiving for about 18 years. The original recipe is from The New Vegetarian Epicure by Anna Thomas (A treasure trove of fancy vegetarian dishes for special occasions).   I’ve tweaked the recipe a lot at this point and I’ve been meaning for a long time to share it again here…

Pickled Red Cabbage

Yesterday was the last pickup for our Farmshare until the Spring. I was thrilled to receive more red cabbage. My body loves this delicious stuff. My fellow CSA members seemed less excited. We got red cabbage last time and most people probably still had some at home. I got one extra head from the swap…

Making Patra in a North American Kitchen

Last November, I taught a series of gluten-free cooking classes to children with celiac’s disease.  The class was generously hosted in the beautiful kitchen of one of student’s parents.  These parents were amazing cooks themselves, but had realized that their daughter did not want to learn to cook from them, so they brought me in….

Spicy Corn Pudding

I endeavor to perfect my corn pudding recipe every few years.  The quest began when I first moved to Brooklyn in the 90s.  Back then, there was only one fancy restaurant in my immediate neighborhood.  It was called The New Prospect Cafe and it was on Flatbush Avenue, across the street from where the Jamaican Patty…

Jicama and Corn Slaw with Avocado

This was the very first recipe I ever posted on this blog.  The name of the post was “Dinner July 31st, 2010” and also included instructions for making chipotle black beans and frying sweet plantains.  I’m reposting this jicama slaw because, 8 years later, I’m still making this salad every summer.  Also, the original post…