When my sister first set up Big Sis Little Dish I could count on one hand the number of times that I had glanced at a food blog.  Now I’m obsessed.  You can be too, just by clicking on the following links!


Here is a quick list of the cookbooks that I love…

Old Loves

New Loves

When we first started this blog, my sister and I wrote a more in depth page about some of our favourite cookbooks.  To read that page click here.


Delicious ingredients are the best inspiration!  To read about what my sister and I keep in our pantry, click here.


For me, food is about creating and maintaining my community.  These are the folks that I cook for and eat with.

The Food Purveyors…

The Theater Makers

The Music Makers…

The Educators…

The Film Makers…

The Culture Mavens…

The Activivists…

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