Pomegranate Tart with Pink Peppercorns (gluten-free)

These tarts feature a rich, tangy pomegranate curd set in a buttery gluten free crust and topped with little bursts of texture and heat from pink peppercorns.   I made them for the Muses Valentine’s event in 2020, which feels like a million years ago.

French Toast with Caramelized Figs

Happy New Year! My husband made french toast for dessert on Christmas this year and it was so good that we decided to have it again for breakfast on New Years Day.

Wild Mushroom Cobbler (Gluten-Free)

I’ve made Wild Mushroom Cobbler every Thanksgiving for about 18 years. The original recipe is from The New Vegetarian Epicure by Anna Thomas (A treasure trove of fancy vegetarian dishes for special occasions).   I’ve tweaked the recipe a lot at this point and I’ve been meaning for a long time to share it again here…

Chocolate Swirl Meringues

One of my oldest friends  called me the other day to talk about meringues.  He was experimenting with adding freeze dried fruit to meringues.  It so happened that I was attempting to do a final test on my chocolate swirl meringue recipe.  Meringues were meant to be.

Passionfruit Raspberry Tart (vegan and gluten-free)

Today is my birthday! It’s never a good day for a birthday.  There is often a blizzard, or flu epidemic or bad deadline in mid march.  This year there’s a pandemic.   Happy birthday to me!  If it were ever a good day for having a birthday party, I might make this my requested birthday tart. I…

Marinated White Beans in Radicchio Cups

I have been eating this salad a lot lately.    It’s the  pleasing texture and flavor contrasts that are holding my attention –  bitter, crunchy radicchio and tangy,  soft white beans.  Also, it’s very easy to make.

Love Spells in the Form of Tarts and Other Tasties

Hello!  I know it’s been a while.  I’ve cooked many delicious things in the last year, but have not felt inspired (or had the time) to document.  Inspiration finally came recently when the brilliant and beautiful Syrie Moskowitz asked me to make the tarts and treats for an event that she her fellow Muses were…

Wine Poached Vegetables served with Romesco Sauce

We begin the third season of the Illuminati Ball this weekend!  If you have not already attended, you can find information here.  We only have three shows this year, so if you want to come buy a ticket now!  Here are some photos from last season, taken by the marvelous Mark Shelby Perry… For this…

Creamy Passionfruit Mango Parfait (vegan)

Oh how I adore Passionfruit.  I have recently discovered a very good source for passionfruit puree, which is helping me to get over my deep and abiding regret about not eating more fresh passionfruit when I lived in Hawaii (See my post post on Regret and Coconut Passionfruit Chia Seed Pudding).  It’s called Perfect Puree…

Potato and Fried Almond Soup

This simple, Andalusian style Potato soup has been a standard in my kitchen for many winters.  Is is one of the three most simple and deeply satisfying soups I’ve ever eaten.  The other two are Caldo Verde, the Portuguese concoction of kale, potatoes, sausage and water that magically makes perfect soup and Stracciatella a perfect combination of eggs, greens,…