Creamy Dill and Leek Scramble

Next up on my project of posting all of the simple food that I make….creamy dill and leek scramble. This is a special way of making eggs that makes a quick creamy scramble.

Farmshare Skillet Breakfast

My husband and I call this “Skillet Breakfast” because we make it in our giant cast iron skillet and usually eat it directly out of the pan. We also eat it sometimes for dinner. It evolved directly out of the need to process as much of our farmshare as we could on the weekend, so that the vegetables were prepared and ready to eat with as little fuss as possible later in the week.

French Toast with Caramelized Figs

Happy New Year! My husband made french toast for dessert on Christmas this year and it was so good that we decided to have it again for breakfast on New Years Day.

Caramelized Cream Eggs with Rosemary and Anchovies

This is a vastly simplified version of a wonderful baked eggs with anchovies and cream recipe that I’ve made for a long time.  This simplified version  takes less than 10 minutes and uses just one skillet.

Bird Seed Cereal (Gluten-Free)

I’ve been eating this cereal everyday that I go to work, for about 2 years now.  My husband has two ancient pet doves, whom he has loved and cared for since before we were dating. He swears that this cereal is exactly the bird seed that he feeds Phoebe and Lula.  Well, if it’s kept…

Christmas Breakfast- Spiced Chia Seed Pudding with Walnuts

Last Christmas I was visiting my mother in Hawaii.  We made this delicious pudding on Christmas Eve so that we could have it for breakfast while we opened our presents.  It is easy, delicious and it won’t spoil your appetite for Christmas dinner.  Please give it a try.  I have been waiting all year to…

Blackberry Curd

The drought in British Colombia made the blackberries more scarce than usual this summer.  In response to the lack of berries I came up with a really good blackberry picking innovation.  I have a leather jacket that I have owned since I was 18.  I was trying it on for fun and the salesman thought…

On Dreams, Regret and Coconut Passionfruit Chia Seed Pudding

Nearly 10 years ago, I had a very vivid dream that I still often think about.  It was episodic, and each scene was dedicated to one of my friends who, in the distant future of this dream, were being lauded and rewarded for their artistic achievements after years of hard work and dedication.  My composer…

Gluten-Free Cardamom Bread

This is a chewy, yeasted bread.  It’s not sweet, although it is perfumed with cardamom and studded with walnuts, dates and raisins.  It’s best toasted and slathered with salted butter.   I like it for breakfast, tea or with afternoon coffee when my husband is kind enough to make me some (I make terrible coffee).  It…