Caramelized Cream Eggs with Rosemary and Anchovies

This is a vastly simplified version of a wonderful baked eggs with anchovies and cream recipe that I’ve made for a long time.  This simplified version  takes less than 10 minutes and uses just one skillet.

I never shared the original recipe (from A Girl and Her Pig)  because  it’s  totally one of those restaurant cookbook recipes that makes too many dishes and has too many steps.  Even I would groan and complain when I made this recipe, and I am definitely above average willing to make complicated food and do dishes.  There was a sauce pan, several ramekins and a water bath to contend with…not to mention time spent arguing with my oven which refuses to keep temperature.  Also, who spends 20 minutes cooking eggs?  Me, that’s who.  I made the baked version of this recipe on the regular for years.  It’s that good.

Enter this revelatory video from Food52 about how you can steam fry eggs (well anything actually) in cream.  I instantly saw the potential to recreate the beloved baked eggs recipe in a quarter of the time and using one pan.  Please make these eggs.  They are fabulous.  Also, go watch that video.


Adapted from from Food52 and  A Girl and Her Pig

  • 1 large garlic clove
  • 1 teaspoon chopped fresh rosemary (sometimes  I substitute or add fresh thyme)
  • 2 anchovy fillets (I use the kind packed in oil, although I hear that salt packed is better)
  • 6 Tablespoons heavy cream
  • 4 large eggs
  • grated lemon zest (about 1/4)
  • few pinches red chili pepper flakes (I use Aleppo)
  • a generous pinch of flakey salt (like Maldone)
  • dollop of sour cream or thick yogurt to serve
  1. Chop the garlic, rosemary and anchovy together until the mixture is fine.
  2.  Pour the cream into the bottom of a cold 9 inch skillet with a lid.  I use a cast iron skillet with a baking sheet on top, but a thinner non stick skillet with a lid might be better if you have one.  Sprinkle the garlic, herb and anchovy mixture around the edges of the pan (where they will benefit from the browning of the milk solids.)  Crack the eggs into the cold cream.  Zest some lemon directly onto the eggs.  Sprinkle with chili flakes and flakey salt.
  3. Turn the flame under the skillet to medium high.  First the egg white will start to turn opaque.

    Then the creme will begin to boil and then separate.  Then the separated milk solids will start to turn a golden  color on the edge of the pan.  The timing of this is going to vary, depending on the thickness of your pan.

  4. Once the cream starts to calm down and turn a bit golden, I like to spoon it gently over the egg whites to help them set.   As soon as the whites of the eggs are nearly set, turn the heat off and cover the pan to steam set the yolks for 2 minutes.  I like my egg yolks still runny but thick and golden.  Adjust the steam set time up or down if you prefer your yolks more or less cooked.
  5. Serve over cooked greens and/or toast with a teaspoon of sour cream or thick yogurt on each egg.


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  1. Bethany says:

    These pictures are amazing! I totally remember sending you that Food52 video. I’m so glad you’ve been able to simplify this dish. It’s so delicious!

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