Cold Cucumber Soup with Dill and Sesame

When  I was little and I would go to stay with my biological father for the weekend, he would always give a long English cucumber.  I was responsible for not loosing my cucumber or getting it too dirty to eat and also for feeding myself when I got hungry.  It was a pretty ingenious idea…

Travelers Potato, Leek, Gouda Soup (For a rainy day in Tallinn)

In mid-June, my sister and I spent six days in Tallinn, which is the largest and oldest city in Estonia.  Tallinn offers an excellent balance between modern and medieval.  If you want to travel to Europe to see traces of VERY old culture and architecture and you want to travel to a place that is…

Chili Cream and Swiss Chard Soup

So we steep chilies in cream at work to make delicious spicy cream. And there was a batch recently that got left to steep for a bit too long. My co-worker Jen was going to throw it out but I said, WAIT! That is delicious spicy cream! It is fatty and spicy and those are…

Quinoa Soup for Adventurers

I have been working all day and this morning I took out books from the library on traveling Europe. I’ve been reading them on the bus and getting excited.

Gingery Cauliflower Soup

Exactly one year ago today, I posted my favourite cauliflower soup recipe. I love that recipe because it is easy and creamy (although it has no cream in it).

Soup is the Answer

Its time to eat soup.  It’s finally gotten cold in NYC (a few months late).  Some days, it feels it feels like the air is yelling at you when you walk out side.

Miso Soup With Everything

It seems like I’ve been narrowly skirting around illness for weeks now. The thought of miso soup sounded like an excellent idea and I pulled my usual trick of investigating what was hanging out in the fridge and pantry…