Soup is the Answer

Its time to eat soup.  It’s finally gotten cold in NYC (a few months late).  Some days, it feels it feels like the air is yelling at you when you walk out side.  The subway is extra crowded because everyone is wearing big puffy coats.  One very early and cold morning recently, I realize that all of the people on the subway (myself included) had the look of very old, arthritic dogs.  Some of us were napping, but even then our scowls said, “If you touch me I will bite you”.  Good times. I think that it is time to not leave the apartment and eat all of the soup that I froze in the fall!

The nice thing about soup is that, whatever your problem is, there is a soup that can fix it!  You are cold, skinny, homesick and lonely?  Here are some comforting soups.

You have eaten too much meat, heavy cream, sugar or booze (or all of these)?  Or perhaps you have a cold or the flu?  Here are some healthful soups to restore your system…

You have no time to grocery shop and very little time to cook?  Here are some very simple and fast soups…

You’re broke?  Here are some cheap and delicious soups…

You feel like your life lacks glamour?  Invite some friends to get dressed up and come over for one of  these fancy soups…

Amazing right?  Some of these soups can solve multiple problems.  I will say this though,  a soup’s magical ability to solve all your problems is greatly increased if you use home-made stock.  You can find instructions for making virtuous chicken broth and stock here.  You can find instructions for making experimental, economical vegetable stock here.

THE SOUP GALLERY (click on images to go to the recipes!)

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  1. Glenda says:

    Soup! Beautiful magical soup!

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