Red, Yellow and Green Thai Curry Pastes

For many years, I made very large quantities of  green, yellow and red Thai curry paste at Christmas time to give as gifts (and also to stock my freezer).  A few years ago my friend Kerthy helped me roast and grind all of the ingredients and half way through the process we could barely speak or…

Sweet and Tangy Fruit Chutney

It was bound to happen.  What with all the jam, curd and marmalade making, I was bound to start making chutney.  I was perfectly content to use store bought mango chutney to top my Spicy Chickpea Pancakes, samosas or pakora….but now I have made my own sweet and tangy fruit chutney, and it kicks the teeth out…

Labour of Love Blood Orange Marmalade with Rosewater and Almonds

I don’t usually buy blood oranges.  They are expensive, and aside from being so very pretty, I have never been convinced that they are better than other (cheaper) citrus fruit.   I think that the ones that we get in New York are actually grown in California, but there are famously from Spain and Italy….

Masala Spiced Orange Curd

I recently made Meyer Lemon Curd for the first time using a recipe from the very inspiring blog Food in Jars.  It was easy and delicious and I decided that I would make the Creamy Orange Cardamom Curd next time.  When I finally got around to looking more closely at the Orange Cardamom Curd recipe,…

The Right Kind of Marmalade- Made with Bitter Seville Oranges

I have a lot to say about marmalade.  If you want to read a lot of personal marmalade stories from my childhood, college years and young adulthood read on.  If you just want a recipe for marmalade scroll to the bottom! I grew up eating marmalade with butter on the world’s best scones, baked by…

Meyer Lemon Curd

Lemon curd is a creamy, tangy, sweet spread for scones or biscuits.  You can also use it to fill tarts and pies or in between the layers of a cake.  You can also stir it into yogurt.

How to Roast a Duck, Duck, Goose Fat

This is going to be about roasting ducks, but if you want my thoughts about goose preparation, they can be found here.  I am good at roasting duck.

Myrtle Berry Citrus Sauce

I am a lover of discovering new and bizarre produce. Part of it is my fascination with plants: the way they grow, the forms they take on. To me it is miraculous.

Quarante Quatre Home-made Liqueur

I can’t remember how this conversation started. I suspect it was October when Rachel told us about the Quarante Quatre. It looks funny to type those words. When you say it as an Anglophone it sounds more like “Care Aunt Cat,” where aunt is pronounced in that British sort of way that sounds like you’re…

Christmas Gifts

I have been lame about giving gifts for the last many years.  It is easy for me to  look to look at the bizarre consumerism of Christmas and just disconnect from the whole process.  Truthfully though, I love giving gifts!  I also love my stuff, my objects, the gifts that people have given me.  My…