Inspiration from our Mothers

Happy Mother’s Day! To celebrate I thought that I would share a little index of all of the recipes that we have posted on this blog that came from my Mother (Glenda) and my sister’s mother (Ieva).  They are both beautiful, intelligent, strong women (Our father had excellent taste) who like their food healthy and…

Flower and Pheasant Egg Salad

My sister Silvi has been visiting me in New York City.  Usually when she comes to visit,  I work her to exhaustion helping me build puppets for some show or another and then tearfully beg her to extend her trip another month.  This is the first time that she has come to see me just…

Tahini Milkshake (Dairy-Free)

My sister Silvi is visiting me in New York AND I have Spring vacation right now!  If you just want a recipe for a dairy free tahini milkshake and do not want to hear about our trip to Coney Island, scroll to the bottom. Silvi arrived really, really early on Tuesday.  We napped, ate a…

Chili Cream and Swiss Chard Soup

So we steep chilies in cream at work to make delicious spicy cream. And there was a batch recently that got left to steep for a bit too long. My co-worker Jen was going to throw it out but I said, WAIT! That is delicious spicy cream! It is fatty and spicy and those are…

Valentine’s Menus for Every Stage of Romance

It is time to cook dinner for your sweetheart.  It should be easy.   Stress is not romantic.  It should make your house smell good.  It should be delicious, but not something that inspires gluttony.

Honey-Lime Herbal ‘Lixir

This is a recipe for a little cocktail. It’s not to sweet, a little sly and pretty darn sure of itself. It’s very international and may be the only one of its kind, so get ready!

Quinoa Soup for Adventurers

I have been working all day and this morning I took out books from the library on traveling Europe. I’ve been reading them on the bus and getting excited.

French Onion Soup Stuffed Mushrooms

Mushroom caps are so good stuffed. Whatever culinary heritage I grew up with did not involve stuffed mushroom caps and now as an adult I can enjoy this delightful dish.