Pro snacking for lazy yet well-intentioned students

I’m studying biology right now (well I was until taking a break to write this blog post) and snacking on a delicious hummus and yam sandwich. Truth is I have a better diet when I’m sharing meals with others. When it’s just for me I find the best trick is to stock my fridge and freezer with components that can be assembled into a bunch of different meals that are quick to prepare and delicious. Not to say I am an expert at this by any means, but I’m slowly getting the hang of it. For instance right now I have a container of swiss chard, some mashed yams, a batch of hummus I made last night, bread, apples, chocolate… I feel like my snacking needs are being fulfilled! Here’s how to make some of these components:

hummus and yam sandwich

Swiss chard – follow this recipe. Also I made a variation the other week. Add a good amount of mushrooms in with the onions and butter and fry these with some salt while prepping the chard. When they are looking browned and delicious, add the chard stems, a little water and a tablespoon of shiro miso. Turn heat to high to cook off the water while blending the miso in with the liquids. Add some thyme and sesame seeds or zataar. When the water is gone the stems should be cooked, so add the leaves and cover as per usual. I cooked this down a little extra in the end to make more of a spread-like consistency. I was having major flashbacks while eating it. I think Erin made this (or something like it) one time and put it in little filo pastries for a party and then got mad at me because I couldn’t stop eating them. Seriously though they were so delicious…

Mashed yams – however you like to make them. I got small ones and baked them whole then mashed them with olive oil and salt because I was out of butter. I may have put some miso in there because I put miso in just about everything. Would also be good with some sesame oil.

Humus – Yes I have gotten back into making hummus. I always see pre made tubs of it in the stores because it’s very popular in Vancouver. I’m a bit too cheap to buy them though because honestly hummus costs about $2 to make. Combine to taste: a can of chick peas, olive oil, salt and/or lemon and/or balsamic vinegar, a few cloves of garlic, fresh parsley (I use lots), tahini (the ingredient I always seem to forget), any additions you’d like (i.e. Cayenne, black olives, roasted peppers, etc.) Keep adjusting while running it through the food processor until it tastes good. (i.e. Not rich enough, add more oil. Bland, add salty or sour ingredients or garlic or spice.)

A few combinations of these things:

  • Spoon the hummus onto slices of pita bread with the warm mushroom and zataar swiss chard (this is SO GOOD)
  • Spread hummus and mashed yams on some nice sourdough for an open-faced sandwich (as pictured)
  • Pair the mushroom swiss chard with some sharp feta in some elegant way
  • Treat the swiss chard and mashed yams as side dishes and serve with some veggie or meat sausages
  • Make a Mediterranean style snacking spread with all the above components, maybe some olives on the side, a little dish with olive oil and balsamic vinegar for dipping bread, some Turkish coffee…

Finally I have a link to a blog that my roommate introduced me to. It’s called the Vegan Stoner. If you are into very easy and adaptable recipes or adorable illustrations of ingredients, check it out.

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  1. Hey Silvi! Nice snacks and nice photo of the scene from your table! I do have a vague memory of you eating all the swiss chard filo triangles….


  2. Glenda says:

    Silvi! Nice favor combos. I too love Swiss chard with sweet potato.

  3. Yes! Good snacking strategies are extra important for students, especially students like us who (I’m guessing) would rather be cooking at least half the time we are having to study instead…

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