The Simplest and Most Decadent Strawberry Dessert

I used to obsessively throw large dinner parties.  They were more like indoor picnics since there were usually about 17 guests and a definitely did not own a table large enough to seat everyone.  We would spread a big cloth on the living room floor and set it with candles and my grandmother’s china.  My friend Sabrina brought this strawberry dessert to one of my indoor picnics.  It was something that her mother used to serve at GROWN UP dinner parties…..  Whole fresh strawberries dipped in grand marnier, then brown sugar, then sour cream.  Sabrina said,  “I remember sneaking around in my footy pj’s after I had been in bed trying to swipe some, but I could rarely make it though all the dips before I was caught!”

It was a decadent dessert, perfect not only for grown up parties but also for bohemian shin digs where everyone ate desert while laying on the floor after a huge filling meal.  It would also be a fabulous at a real outdoor picnic or barbecue.  If your guests are not good at sharing from one big bowl you can slice up the strawberries, douse them with the grand marnier  and serve them in individual bowls topped with sour cream and sugar, as pictured here in a red tea-cup that Sabrina gave me!

Sabrina also suggested that now that we are fancy we might use creme freche or even thick full fat greek yoghurt instead of sour cream…but I have to say the sour cream was really good.


  • Fresh strawberries, rinsed
  • grand marnier
  • brown sugar
  • sour cream, creme freche or full fat greek yoghurt
Method 1- Serve the strawberries whole with bowls of the other ingredients for dipping!
Method 2- Remove the greens from the strawberries and slice them.  Douse the strawberries in Grand Marnier and serve them in individual bowls topped with sour cream and brown sugar.


11 Comments Add yours

  1. Rollene says:

    Ok, ok… I have TWO favorites…..! Mahalo…..this summer is going to be awesome.

    1. Yay! you are most welcome Rollene!

  2. Maki says:

    Beautifully styled & photographed, E!
    And perfect timing given all the strawberries at market now. We just need to not eat them all along our walk home!

  3. I suggest buying extra!

  4. Glenda says:

    Gorgeous and Yummy! I am going out to buy fresh Kula Strawberries and Grand Marnier right now. I will make cashew cream for mine. Love, Mum

    1. Mum! You could also make coconut whip cream by freezing the thick part of a can of coconut milk and then whipping it up!

  5. Katherine says:

    I love this dessert! I have never had it with grand marnier, actually, because my parents did not drink.

    Glenda – cashew cream sounds delicious with this! Let us know how it is!!

  6. Hi Erin & Sylvie -just found you and so glad I did! This dish mad me smile- it’s what I loved when I was little (minus the G Marn!) back in the Bronx – I do this now with Daisy Light Sour Cream (my favorite) or 2% greek yogurt- ps will try the clafouti soon- rhubarb is in the fridge

    1. It’s making me so happy that folks have fond memories of this dish! I wonder if grand marnier was Sabrina’s mom’s special addition…. think that I will try it with greek yogurt myself next time! Let us know how you like the rhubarb clafouti…and welcome!

  7. Yay!! I wonder if the GM was my mom’s addition? If so, good job mom! She passed away 10 years ago, and it is so nice to see such a “Bunny” dish (yes, her nickname was Bunny) appreciated and shared!


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