Warming Winter Vegetable Pot Pie (Gluten-free or not)

It’s been a while since I made this.  I have  a fond memory of making vegetable pot pie for my neighbors on a snowy day many years a go.  At the time, there were a bunch of us related by friendship and/or blood, all living in one building.  We all ate this pot pie, went…

Quinoa Soup for Adventurers

I have been working all day and this morning I took out books from the library on traveling Europe. I’ve been reading them on the bus and getting excited.

Gingery Cauliflower Soup

Exactly one year ago today, I posted my favourite cauliflower soup recipe. I love that recipe because it is easy and creamy (although it has no cream in it).

How to Make a Hot Toddy

I have some strong opinions on this topic. I consider this the official Orr family cocktail. It is medicinal. If you are sick it will make you feel better.

Cajun Duck and Dumplings (gluten-free or not)

My husband  has given me many good food ideas.  He suggested putting candied orange peel in Sticky Toffee Pudding and using slow oven roasted tomatoes in Tomato Pie and he asked me to make him duck and dumplings.

Miso Soup With Everything

It seems like I’ve been narrowly skirting around illness for weeks now. The thought of miso soup sounded like an excellent idea and I pulled my usual trick of investigating what was hanging out in the fridge and pantry…

Quarante Quatre Home-made Liqueur

I can’t remember how this conversation started. I suspect it was October when Rachel told us about the Quarante Quatre. It looks funny to type those words. When you say it as an Anglophone it sounds more like “Care Aunt Cat,” where aunt is pronounced in that British sort of way that sounds like you’re…