Seafood Broth (with transformational powers)

This seafood broth was the opening course of the Garden of Alchemy Dinner representing the transformational power of the element of water. Guests were served a tea cup with butterfly pea blossoms and a fish fashioned out of a green chili pepper and lime leaves inside. There was a sticky Thai rice ball with seaweed and a…

An Edible Forest Floor/ Pickled Mushrooms, Parsley Moss and Walnut Soil

I made an edible forest floor for the Earth course of the Garden of Alchemy Dinner in late October. Each course of the dinner was inspired and evoked by one of the alchemical elements (Water, Air, Fire, Earth). The Pickled Mushrooms, Parsley Moss and Walnut Soil that I’m sharing here were just a few of the elements on the plate for the Earth Course.

How to Eat a Magical Bird’s Nest

I made this salad for the Air Course of the The Garden of Alchemy Dinner. It would also be a auspicious dish and useful spell to perform for the ringing in of the new year!

Garden of Alchemy Dinner

In late October I had the pleasure of cooking a five course meal for The Garden of Alchemy, created by The Muses, a collective of women who curate stunning and inspiring gatherings and excursions. I was asked to create a menu in which each course was inspired by the alchemical qualities of one of the four elements. The final course was a dessert. I set about imagining and testing dishes that evoked Water, Air, Fire and Earth and used the alchemical properties of that element in their preparation.

Love Spells in the Form of Tarts and Other Tasties

Hello!  I know it’s been a while.  I’ve cooked many delicious things in the last year, but have not felt inspired (or had the time) to document.  Inspiration finally came recently when the brilliant and beautiful Syrie Moskowitz asked me to make the tarts and treats for an event that she her fellow Muses were…

Oven Coven- Rose Potion with Stone Fruit, Cardamom and Pink Peppercorns

Last spring, when the roses were in bloom Maria Dahvana Headly gathered some women together to make food and aperatifs in her back yard.  The idea was to put all of our witchy good intentions into delicious consumables and form an oven coven.  It worked.     We made jars of Preserved Lemons and infused alcohol…