The Bloody Ceasar/ Sunsets on Gabriola Island

Two summers ago,  I finally gathered my courage and tried a Bloody Ceasar.  I am Canadian and The Bloody Ceasar is arguably the most Canadian of cocktails.  It is ubiquitous in Canada, but I’ve never seen it offered on a menu in the USA (and I’ve lived in the United States for over 30 years)….

Oven Coven- Rose Potion with Stone Fruit, Cardamom and Pink Peppercorns

Last spring, when the roses were in bloom Maria Dahvana Headly gathered some women together to make food and aperatifs in her back yard.  The idea was to put all of our witchy good intentions into delicious consumables and form an oven coven.  It worked.     We made jars of Preserved Lemons and infused alcohol…

Sautéed and Salted Medjool Dates with Whiskey

At The Illuminati Ball, we serve Medjool Dates sautéed in very good olive oil and sprinkled with Maldone salt as an amuse bouche.  Pairing sweet dates with salt, usually bacon or goat cheese is pretty classic.  I didn’t invent the idea of simply using flakey salt rather than meat or dairy.  I ate this delicious…

Blackberry Ginger Gin Cocktail

We drank a  serious amount of this cocktail on our visit to Gabriola Island.  It started with a lovely recipe from a recent issue of Bon Appetite for a Blackberry Ginger Vodka Cocktail  and gradually transformed over two weeks, as we switched alcohols and tried different citrus juices.  It is reminiscent of the delicious blueberry cocktail…

Honey-Lime Herbal ‘Lixir

This is a recipe for a little cocktail. It’s not to sweet, a little sly and pretty darn sure of itself. It’s very international and may be the only one of its kind, so get ready!

How to Make a Hot Toddy

I have some strong opinions on this topic. I consider this the official Orr family cocktail. It is medicinal. If you are sick it will make you feel better.

Agwa Mojitos!

OK, so before you tell me I am perfectly aware that it is the middle of winter and not really mojito season. But sometimes a girl’s gotta live in denial.